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We assist caregivers, educators, and professionals from all disciplines understand the impact of exposure to alcohol in utero which results in a variety of developmental disability diagnoses collectively referred to as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Story of Hope

The adoption coordinator walked through the Kirov orphanage drawing room doors with a 7 pound, 4 ounce swaddled baby girl who was just over 4 months old.  Alexandra, as she had been named by her biological mother, would become the daughter that “grew in my...


FASD Respect Act

As you may know, this Bill did not make it to the floor of the last Congressional Session. However, progress was made by garnering congressional co-sponsors and organizational sponsors. Nationwide advocates are 

working now to prepare for a 

re-introduction in 2023. 


New Caretaker Resource Available

After The Diagnosis — Now What?

A sigh of relief…you finally have an accurate diagnosis. But what do you do now? This short guide outlines important steps to take to

ensure your loved one has a life that is as successful as possible. Included are ways to educate yourself, family,

friends, and teachers; apply for services; and find interventions to assist you. 


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