Registry of Unmet Needs

NC DHHS and the NC Council on Developmental Disabilities held a webinar Monday, May 10, on the Registry of Unmet Needs. Some factoids coming out of that session include:

  • About 50% of the 296 attendees did not know much if anything about the RUN (wait list)  If you do not know about this, please search on our website NOW!
  • There are over 15,000 on the RUN (and over 13,000 with an Innovations Waiver)
  • Each LME/MCO** has a 1-800 number and website with information on how to apply for the RUN
  • One or two LME/MCOs say it's the member's responsibility to update and confirm the member's status on the RUN
  • DHHS is working to build a statewide database of the RUN (which most states already do)
  • There is a need for a statewide grassroots advocacy group (some states actually pay a stipend and travel for members to come testify)
  • Texas has over 100,000 on the wait list
  • Wisconsin has no wait list (the legislature automatically allocates funds)
  • 72% of people with IDD live with family; 25% of their caregivers are over 60 years old
  • NCCDD is voting this week on an RFA to study the RUN over the next 3-4 years
  • is the supervisor for the RUN at Alliance, and has several people working for her on it
  • To qualify for the Innovations Waiver you need some form of documentation that a disability was diagnosed before the age of 22
  • SB 350 is the bill in the legislature aiming to add 1,000 new Innovations Waiver slots

 **   LME/MCOs in NC Local Management Entities – Managed Care Organizations (LME-MCOs) manage the care of beneficiaries who receive services for mental health, developmental disabilities or substance use disorders.