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Federal Respect Act

We ALL must actively advocate for the passage of S. 2238 and H.R. 4151, each of which have been introduced into the US Senate and House.  This bipartisan legislation will be a gamechanger for our families through making monies available to states to expand FASD initiatives within each state. 

Please call or email Senators Tillis and Burr and your Congressional Representative and ask each to support the bill and also ask each to be a co-sponsor: the more co-sponsors, the greater likelihood of a bill passing.

Below is a brief summary of what this proposed act accomplishes.  For more information, go to Federal Respect Act.

  • Build FASD Systems of Care in States
  • Provides FASD Informed Transition Services for Adults
  • Creates Identification, Intervention, and Services in the Education System
  • Develops Identification, Intervention, and Services in the Judicial Sytem
  • Reauthorizes spending on FASD and updates the language to FASD not just FAS
  • Starts a Conversation with Lawmakers About FASD

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