NCFASDInformed Newsletter - May, 2020

NCFASDInformed Newsletter - May, 2020


As North Carolina enters into “Safer at Home Phase 2,” we are very excited to announce an initiative in line with this phase. Due to the creativity and skill of Board member Natalie Vecchione, we have launched a podcast series. This series provides you with the opportunity to learn about different aspects of FASD and related topics, such as community resources, supports, and educational opportunities from your home by listening, not just reading.

The first in our series is an introduction to FASD. The second episode will be released Wednesday, May 27, with Steve Bailey, Executive Director of Josh’s Hope. While this is a Triangle based non-profit, we hope it will encourage you to look for similar opportunities outside of the Triangle if you do not live in the area. If you find other helpful programs, let us know and we will list on our website.

Podcast image

You can find the FASD Informed series on Podbean and soon in other podcast directories. We have a varied list of interesting individuals for upcoming episodes. Stay tuned!

As you would expect, COVID-19 has caused a severe disruption not only in our individual lives and families, but also for our non-profit. We had many opportunities to help communities in NC become informed, but those were cancelled, including those that would have yielded monies for us; thus, Of course, we would appreciate any donation that you could make at any time. If you have not already committed to a charity via SmileAmazon, we ask that you sign up now and designate NCFASD Informed as your charitable organization of choice. Undoubtedly, most of us are buying more online than ever before, maybe some of us for the first time. Amazon donates 0.5% to named 501c3 by its buyers.

If you have 5 hours or 20 hours to volunteer…..or somewhere in between, we need your assistance.

  • Do you have an eye for detail?
  • Do you know lots of people due to your networks?
  • Are you a good organizer?
  • Can you proofread or test links on our website?
  • Have you thought of additional content needed on our website?
  • Can you help with our newsletters?
  • Do you have ideas of how we might meet our vision?
  • Do you have computer skills?

If you contact me directly, we can talk about your skills, interests, and available time. No pressure if nothing comes of your call. Even a phone conversation may provide

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Stay safe: Wear Wait Wash

With hope,

Kathy Hotelling
Board Chair