Feb. 2021 Newsletter

Feb. 2021 Newsletter

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‚ÄćDear Friends,


As the pandemic continues to impact our lives daily, non-profits such as our own, are creating new opportunties to meet their missions.  We have several upcoming virtual events are scheduled in the coming weeks.


The first two are in collaboration with the Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina. In 2018, over 11,000 children were in foster care in NC due to abuse, neglect, and trauma.  Of those children in care, 42% had 2 or more placements (over 4 placements = 22%).  We know that multiple placements usually occur because of problematic behaviors of those children in care: foster parents believe they cannot manage the child in their home. Researchers have found that rates of FASD are as much as 10 times higher than in the general population. Preparing families can improve outcomes for youth and reduce the number of out of home placements.


Thus, we are co-sponsoring two webinars this month:  An Introduction to FASD and A Brain-Based Approach to Parenting.



For the second year, we will have a presence at Cary Share and Care, which will be virtual this year. Over 50 organizations will be sharing their resources for those with special needs; this information will be at your fingertips throughout the month of February.  

March 1, 11am-12pm will bring another FASD introductory webinar through Alliance Health Free Community Trainings, you will find registration information as they publish March's calendar. 


On March 26, the NC State Social Work Symposium will be held virtually.  We are pleased to have a workshop offering in this annual event which reaches so many social workers in the state.


Parent support groups are virtual on the second Thursday of each month at 8pm.  Contact kathy.hotelling@ncfasdinformed.org to sign up for Zoom details. 


And finally something not virtual!  But it is visual.  

contact kathy.hotelling@ncfasdinformed.org to win a free copy of Diane Malbin's seminal book, Trying Differently Rather Than Harder