Important April Alerts

Important April Alerts

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Dear Families,

I am grateful that we are moving into spring.  In the Triangle, the trees and flowers are blooming; it is a delight to drive and see what nature has brought us this year.

Soon a bill will be introduced to Congress, the FASD RESPECT Act.  I have attached a summary and rationale for the legislation. This Act would authorize $50 million for FASD prevention efforts, screening, and identification. As I am sure you know, FASD is severely unrecognized and underfunded.  This would be a major boost to those affected by FASD, their families, and everyone else with whom they come in contact.  As news develops on this Act, it will be posted Not on Facebook?  Go to for more information. We all need to be advocates for this legislation.

***Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina is the ranking Republican member of the HELP Committee (the "H" being Health).  His support is crucial to the passage of this act.  Do you have a personal connection to Senator Burr?  If so, please contact me directly ASAP so you could be involved with the NOFAS Policy Team at a meeting with Senator Burr.

Also, are you interested in being a NCFASD Informed Board of Directors?  We are a working board and would love to have you consider our invitation; we anticipate about 7 hours a month average commitment.  Of course, more would be welcome.  We hope that you will help us create an informed North Carolina so that individuals are diagnosed correctly and receive the services, supports, and interventions that they deserve.  Attached is the Board Member Profile, Conflict of Interest Statement, and Board Application.  We are also looking for a webmaster

With hope,