NC Student Bikes Across America for FASD

NC Student Bikes Across America for FASD


Dear Parents and Friends,

In case you have not heard, there is an amazing college student biking across the US from Topsail, NC to Los Angeles to raise awareness about FASD and to interview parents of those with FASD. This spring Emmaus Holder described his purpose to me:

"I hope to reach out to families who are impacted by FASD and connect with them as I cross the country. I want to hear their stories, struggles and sucesses and apply them to a greater purpose. I also want to discuss with as many families as possible what ways these issues can be addressed. This could either be through suggested improvements to the institutions that are tasked with handling the ramifications of FASD or through a plethora of more independent means."

Emmaus was interviewed earlier this month on day 12 of his 4,000 mile trip in Cincinnati. Then he was in Indianapolis and then to the "Heart of America."   Go here  (bottom of page) to check and see additional media events as he weaves his way to LA.

And he is raising funds for NCFASD Informed! Please offer him words of encouragement and donate if possible. Fundraiser

With hope,

Kathy Hotelling
Board Chair