Securing the Future

Securing the Future

  FASD ~ Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

July 21, 2021

Dear Parents,

As you learned earlier this week, on Wednesday, July 27 at 8pm, Michelle Merritt will be discussing the Innovations Waiver (Zoom Meeting Code 924-382-7842). 

This will be followed by a workshop in September on Special Needs Trusts. Both of these programs are vital to securing the future for your loved one....from a service and financial perspective. The presenter for  this workshop would like to receive some questions that you would like answered. For example, one question often is "How much money needs to be in my estate to make the cost of setting up such a Trust worth it?"  Please send questions ASAP (before you forget!) to   

On October 21, we will have a speaker on NC ABLE, another financial plan that allows you to help your loved one have additional financial security.

Enjoy your summer. Perhaps I will see you soon, at least virtually!

With hope,

Kathy Hotelling