September: FASD Awareness Month

September: FASD Awareness Month

  FASD ~ Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

September is International FASD Month

Dear Friends:

As school age children head back to school and some of us return to working in a physical location outside our home, this fall brings not only the hope for structure, but also the anxiety of COVID still lurking. Remember to take deep breaths and relax; our children and others often mimic our emotional states

Advocates across the company making inroads to gather support and co-sponsorship for the FASD Respect Act which has been introduced to Congress. You may have heard me say this before today, but this will be a gamechanger for those of us with loved ones with an FASD, as well as the people that support them throughout their lifetime. For specifics about how you can make a difference in North Carolina, visit North Carolina Advocacy. You will see a two-page document, one page is specifically about FASD in North Carolina, and the other outlines key points about this legislation. Please take 15 minutes now to read the info and make your calls rather than putting it on your to do list. If you are like me, I sometimes cannot find that list! Ask your religious organization, your children’s teams (such as Miracle League, Special Olympics), your employer, your professional organization, any group, regardless of size to show support here: Organizations Sign Here

In recognition of FASD Awareness month, those of us in the Triangle will be gathering at the Sertoma Amphitheater at Bond Park in Cary at 9am Saturday, September 11 to participate in the nationwide Run FASD event Run FASD. We will walk! Even if you did not register, please join us or walk/run/roll with friends in other locations across the state to enjoy each other’s company and bring awareness to FASD.

On Tuesday, September 21 at 7:15pm, Michelle Rogers Humphres, a special needs attorney, will speak about special needs trust funds and how this differs from an ABLE account. No matter the amount of your assets, this kind of trust fund is important, so that any inherited assets do not affect your loved one’s Medicaid, Innovations Waiver, etc. Please join us via  Zoom.

With hope,

Kathy Hotelling