Fledgling but need to SOAR!

Fledgling but need to SOAR!
For the past few months you have been hearing about the startup of our new grassroots nonprofit, NCFASD Informed. With the help of many of you, we have made a great deal of progress in a short amount of time. We have incorporated in North Carolina, laid out the mission and vision, and completed the paperwork process to receive 5013c status. 

Now that we are newly “hatched," we need help to soar in reaching our mission. We need people to join us to help bring the vision of NCFASD Informed to fruition: a world where people with an FASD thrive.

Are you a person inspired by making change at the grassroots level? Do you want to make a difference to enable those impacted by an FASD to reach their full potential? Would you consider contributing some time to achieve our mission?  We will work with you to accommodate your time constraints.

We especially, but not exclusively, need assistance in the areas of program development, grant identification (not necessarily writing the grant!), marketing, and fundraising.  In terms of programming, some webinars will be offered soon, and an event is in the work for September, FASD Awareness Month, and organization time is needed to set these up.

Also, please remember to register ASAP for our kickoff fundraiser April 14.  https://ncfasdinformed.brownpapertickets.com

In Hope,

Kathy Hotelling & Beth Field

Kathy.Hotelling@ncfasdinformed.org  919-265-3390
Elizabeth.Field@ncfasdinformed.org   360-608-3121

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