Connecting with Others

Raising a child with an FASD brings a level of seclusion and exhaustion most people will never understand, no matter how much they try. Parents need connections to find hope, strength, strategies, and support that often are not available from those who do not walk the path caregivers are taking with their loved ones. We hope that support group(s) will start again soon; COVID took its toll on our long standing group in the Triangle, which was replaced by a virtual group in 202o.

NCFASD Informed Community page on Facebook was designed to provide a platform for North Carolina parents to network and to ask questions about resources in the state, receive support, etc. While many Facebook pages exist for parenting different age groups of those with an FASD, this is the only page dedicated to North Carolinians.

As FASD conferences are offered in North Carolina and other locations, our newsletter will highlight these.  Two scholarships are available to NC residents that may cover some of the expenses.

Connecting with others electronically

Facebook pages specific to FASD abound. Some are for caregivers only, some for those with an FASD only, others for caregivers of certain ages, etc. Explore the options through the search function on Facebook.

  • One FB page was started by adults with an FASD: “Flying with Broken Wings.”
  • Another, “Shifting the Paradigm” focuses on the neuro-behavioral approach to FASD, which is highly recommended in living with and helping a person with an FASD.
  • FASD Caregiver Success Support Group with Jeff Noble is very popular. He also offers webinars and speaks around the US.

Craig Peterson writes an insightful blog entitled “Adopting Faith: A Father’s Unconditional Love

Email List Servs

  • Olderfas is a support group and discussion list for PARENTS ONLY. Family members caring for older teens with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders who are transitioning to adulthood and parents of adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are welcome. A diagnosis is not required.  Go to Google groups, all groups, search for Olderfas.


Selected Resources for Parents



Sex and FASD


Selected Books

• Explained by the Brain: The FASD Workbook for Parents, Carers, and Educators of Young People with FASD (Vaness Spiller)
• FASD: Trying Differently Rather than Harder (Diane Malbin)
• The Accomplice (Melissa Jacobus)
• Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (ellen Rodger and Rosie Gowsell)
• Moment to Moment: Perspectives on FASD in Adolescents (ed. Ira J. Chasnoff)
• Guided Growth: Educational Interventions for Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (Ira J. Chasnoff and Ronald J. Powell)
• Our FAScinating Journey (Jodee Kulp)
• The Best I Can Be (Liz Kulp)
• Braided Cord (Liz Kulp and my 12 strand crew)
• Fantastic Antoine Grows Up (ed. Judith Kleinfeld)