At NCFASD Informed, we believe that it is crucial that individuals be diagnosed properly and early to create positive outcomes and avoiding adverse consequences.  We firmly believe that this will increase the likelihood of a successful and productive life for those exposed to alcohol in utero.

NCFASD Informed seeks to empower individuals impacted by prenatal exposure to alcohol through raising awareness of FASD among parents, educators, and health professionals, leading to increased evaluation/diagnosis and community support.  This spectrum disorder is not only under diagnosed and misdiagnosed, but also underserved and misserved once it is recognized.

Our programs are multifaceted and will be tailor made for the audience. They will be presented in workshop format at a physical location, as well as via webinars. The basic information for individuals to be FASD Informed will be presented in almost all offered programs:  behavioral and physical signs of FASD throughout the lifespan; challenges in diagnosing FASD; effective methods of interaction to promote success; and state and national resources.